Virtual Water Gallery

Welcome to the Virtual Water Gallery!

Because sharing water perspectives is a key component of “Valuing Our Shared Waters”, the Virtual Water Gallery (VWG) has paired with CWRA to offer an array of art-science events and activities at the CWRA 2022 National Conference.

Water is life and water-related challenges affect everyone. The VWG is a project funded by the Global Water Futures program. It is centred around the belief that sharing water perspectives across communities (artists, scientists, Indigenous peoples, and many others) can help find creative and holistic solutions to the water challenges we all face. Launched in Summer 2020, the VWG is a science and art pilot project that brings together artists, water experts, knowledge keepers, and the public, to collectively reflect on these challenges. The VWG is going live with its first in-person exhibition from May 21 to June 17, 2022, at artsPlace in Canmore, Alberta.

There will be a special VWG-CWRA event on the evening of June 5, with a guided tour of the VWG exhibition at artsPlace, celebrating and showcasing the work of the VWG water experts and artists. Other art-science events at the CWRA 2022 National Conference are currently being planned and include a plein air painting event for CWRA participants and led by VWG artists, near Canmore.

Stay tuned for more information!