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Water: A Continental Asset

Water is the lifeblood that binds us all together.  Water observes no political or ideological boundaries and our boundary with the United States has been cited as a triumph of geometry over geography. Water is frequently the subject of interjurisdictional discussions, disputes, court decisions, and binding agreements. 

Interjurisdictional water management by necessity must be undertaken in observance of overarching institutional, legal, jurisdictional and policy issues, which can both help and hinder water management decisions.  Further complications arise with the consideration of climate change, based either upon observational data and/or prediction of a future state.  Meaningful policy decisions and significant investment in infrastructure now need to consider climate change scenarios and their inherent uncertainty.  Some of the decisions being made are far-reaching in their implications for society and the validity of those decisions may not be known for many years.    

The 2017 Conference will explore how water has been exploited, managed, protected, and shared as it crosses jurisdictional boundaries in North America. The program will address the best (and worst) approaches and solutions to interjurisdictional water management on the continent, with a view to influencing future public policy.

The program of the conference has been developed around six main themes. A description of themes and potential sub-themes is provided below.  When submitting an abstract, you will be requested to indicate your choice of theme and sub-theme, and to specify your preference for either an oral or a poster presentation, or a Pecha Kucha style concise presentation.   


Session proposals

To submit proposals for specific sessions, please contact the Program Chair at

Theme 1: International/Transboundary

Hydro-climatic observations, forecasts and projections are inherently uncertain. The evolution of socio-economic conditions is equally uncertain.  Coupled with varying jurisdictional and policy perspectives, international or transboundary water management draws upon technical skills and ongoing dialogue between practitioners, governments and scientists.  The sessions organized around this theme will address issues experienced at the transboundary scale.  Topics may include:

  • NAFTA - Water Rights/Water Sales
  • International Joint Commission
  • Climate change predictions/observations and potential impacts on transboundary water management
  • Transboundary Watersheds and Aquifers: Common challenges-different approaches
  • Interjurisdictional and policy matters related to water management
Theme 2: Interprovincial
Theme 3: Metropolitan and Municipal Water Management
Theme 4: Arctic and Maritime Waters
Theme 5: Water management in agricultural settings (CANCID + IAH)
Theme 6: Innovations in Hydrological Modelling and data sets (CSHS)
Theme 7: Streamflow Monitoring (NASH)
Theme 8: HydRology Model Development (“R”)
Rapid Fire Session: The Pecha Kucha Presentations

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