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Our Common Water Future: Building Resilience Through Innovation

May 29-31, 2018
Delta Hotels Ocean Pointe Resort
Victoria, BC

The 1987 Bruntland report -- Our Common Future – introduced environment into the political sphere
and spawned the idea of sustainable development for the future. A key element of that future
sustainability is water.
Scroll forward to Canada 250. What will our common water future look like? Will we be reacting to one
crisis after another in the face of changing water environments due to climate change and increasing
social demands? Or will we have built a sustainable and resilient water future where we’ve applied the
best of our knowledge and talent to develop innovative solutions to future water challenges? And in
building “our common water future” have we included the contributions of a diversity of voices that will
have a stake in that future?
“Our Common Water Future: Building Resilience Through Innovation” will bring water resource
professionals and others together to help chart the path to that safe, sustainable and resilient water
future. We will learn from each other’s experiences and share our innovative ideas for building a
common water future in a range of water-related themes that include:

● Planning, Policy and Governance

● Transboundary Water Management

● Watershed Management

● First Nations and Water

● Climate Change Adaptation

● Flood and Drought Hazard Management

● Technology and Infrastructure

● Ecosystems

● Agriculture, Irrigation and Drainage

● Hydrology, Hydraulics and Hydrotechnical Engineering

Special streams, workshops, and training sessions are planned for CANCID, CSHS, and NASH, amongst
others. The conference will include field trips in the beautiful natural environment of Vancouver Island
on Canada’s west coast. Further information will be posted on soon.

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